Sedum clavatum

250.00 180.00


Sedum clavatum

250.00 180.00

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  • Plants are shipped bare root without pots or potting mix to ensure the safety during transit.
  • All orders are packaged with environmentally friendly recycled paper to ensure safe freight and reduce damage to the plant.
  • Plant orders are shipped within 1-2 days once you place the order. We ship our plants Monday through Friday, all twelve months of the year!
  • Size, colour, and shape may vary a little according to the season, or the cold and due to slight drying upon packing and may possibly look slightly different from the photo.

Succulent Care

Unbox : Please remove the packaging Materials carefully and gently
to avoid breaking of leaves.

Light Requirement :Don’t put newly re potted Plants in direct Sunlight,they need to be acclimated to sunlight gradually. Keep the plants in the shades or indirect light during first week.Slowly Introduce them to Sun. Succulents needs 5-6hr Bright and indirect sunlight depending on the type of Succulent.Avoid Extreme temperature and midday direct sun light.

Soil Mix : Use the Planter/pot with drainage holes .Prepare well aerated and fast draining Soil Mix. Do not use normal garden soil. Choose ready made cactus soil or Prepare Potting mix as below :
Sand (35%) Compost (35%)Perlite (20%)Cocopit(10%).
Succulents root are very fragile so be gentle while repotting.

Watering :  Water Only when the soil is dry .Over Watering can kill the Succulents.test the soil with your finger when top soil 1.25 inches are dry then provide water. Don’t spray or pour water on the leaves. When you water the succulent, soak the soil until water run out of the drainage hole.Make sure let the soil dry between each watering.

If you have other Questions or any problem with your order ,
please do not hesitate to contact us we will do our best to
make it right for you!


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